The Review— Bersantai Day Spa

Slow down. That’s what my body tells me as I step through the grand doors of Bersantai Day Spa. Calming music floats by and the muted lighting immediately slows my heart rate. Feeling a bit winter weary, I’ve come to the expert team at Bersantai for a wee bit of rejuvenation.

Located on the clifftops at Castaways Resort overlooking the surf of Karioitahi Beach, Waiuku, the Balinese influence is proudly evident at Bersantai. After completing a quick questionnaire, I’m introduced to Gemma who’ll be working her magic to revive my skin and leave me feeling good as new. No easy task after a few too many late nights! My escape begins with a relaxing foot bath containing rock salt and lavender, a wonderful way to shift the mind from busy mode to indulgence. I ignore the chipped silver nail polish on my toes, a leftover from girl time with my daughter, and let my feet slide into the wooden bowl. “Just relax” I’m reminded. Best I do as I’m told!

Feet softened and cleansed, I tiptoe into the treatment room for the magic to begin. Left alone, lantern lights glow as I strip off and quickly snuggle under the soft blanket. Once settled, Gemma instructs me to inhale three deep breaths and that’s about the most energetic thing I do for the next 75 minutes. Having suffered quite challenging skin problems when she was younger, Gemma says she enjoys helping people restore and repair their skin. You can feel the care as she gently cleanses my face, applies a scrub followed by toner, and then massages a mask containing shea butter and jojoba oil into my skin. I must look a sight, but I do not care. In fact I do not care about anything at all. I am relaxed.

It’s the little things that take an experience from good to great. In this case, a warm wheat bag on my feet to keep them snug, the offer of an extra blanket to ensure no chilly bits, and a divine massage for my hands, arms and head. Some decline the head massage for fear of departing with a Medusa style mass of hair. Feel the fear and do it anyway I say, because a head massage should never be missed! All of the products my thirsty skin was treated to, were organic and eco-certified from the Sacred Nature brand. Not only did I feel revived, I also felt I was treating the environment kindly too—well done me.

Bersantai Day Spa continues to develop and their customer base continues to grow, with more and more visiting from the wider Auckland area, and many more “Frankliners” discovering a local gem. Go as a couple for a cheeky mid week treat. Go with a friend and include lunch. Go on your own for a much needed pick me up. Just go—and be sure to relax. I dare you not to.

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