The end of an era for Mandeville Gardens



AFTER twenty years of growing thousands of native plants for revegetation projects, Mandy Villacorte is swapping the banks of the Waikato River for sunny Hawaii.

Countless farmers, schools and individuals have benefitted from Mandy’s green fingers and gardening expertise. She began growing native plants for reforestation and wetland projects and eventually created her now extensive edibles range.

Choosing locally available plants for her native range and making the edibles assortment spray-free, were deliberate choices when Mandy began developing her business.
“You need patience when creating a garden. I always advise people to try, try and try again, or even just to give it a go.”
While there is such a thing as industry best practice, Mandy has found that everyone’s experience is different, especially when it comes to the germination rates of seeds.
She returned to Tuakau 20 years ago after being based in the US. Leaving behind a successful landscaping business to give her children a New Zealand upbringing. Over the years, she has invested her time and knowledge into many people throughout the community and has hosted many students with disabilities from Parkside and Pukekohe High School.
“Horticulture is a good industry for students with disabilities. It, not only gives them work experience, but their motor skills improve over time and their social interaction improves, as does their overall capability and strength,” says Mandy.
Now that she’s ready to embark on a new adventure, Mandy is currently holding a giant plant sale. Most of the native plants have been sold, but Mandy still has her edibles range for sale.
This includes her stock, supply contracts, seedbank, equipment, mother plants, and a calendar of events and a plan of action. “It is a great opportunity for someone with green thumbs. Until we actually leave I also offer my expertise to whoever purchases the business,” she says. “I’ll help them get started. It is a great thing to do from home.”
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