Tempt Your Tastebuds At Agave

The delicious Sticky Venison Ribs

The delicious Sticky Venison Ribs

It isn’t often that we steal ourselves away from our computer screens, but when Kylie Hall from Castaways Resort offered Lynn and I the opportunity to sample their delectable new menu, we just couldn’t resist.

Those who haven’t travelled to this amazing setting above Karioitahi Beach do not realise what they are missing out on. Agave Restaurant is nestled in the cliff tops, overlooking the picturesque Karioitahi Beach. Any seat in the restaurant allows you to soak in the panoramic views of the stunning seascape. Just trying to describe the beauty doesn’t do it justice.

After an extensive selection process, a new spring/summer menu has been introduced, with meal choices that all can enjoy. This made it incredibly hard for Lynn and I to choose just one option.

We settled on the Sticky Venison Ribs and the Crispy Skin Ora King Salmon, and tried our best to keep our stomachs from rumbling at just the thought of our meals. The venison ribs were served with baby watercress, fennel salad and coriander – a true meat lover’s dish, with the meat so flavoursome and tender, it was falling off the bone.
Nestled in a bed of sweet pea and preserved lemon risotto, pea puree, wilted rocket, and spinach leaves, the Ora King Salmon looked stunning on the plate, almost too beautiful to be disturbed. The smell emanating from both dishes was enough to tantalise the taste buds.

I was pleasantly surprised with the salmon, as usually I can only eat small amounts due to the richness of this delicious fish. Instead, I devoured the whole dish and nearly the plate. I was then advised by Kylie that only 200 businesses across Australia and New Zealand are selected to serve Ora King Salmon and Agave at Castaways Resort was one of those businesses selected. Ora King Salmon has a reputation similar to that of ‘wagyu’ beef, with each fish being tagged and traced for authenticity
Dessert, again, was a hard selection to make, but in the end we picked the Tiramisu Gateaux and Honey and Crème Brulee. The flavours were heavenly – so irresistibly smooth that you had to savour every bite.
The meal was completed with one of the best coffees we had ever passed through our lips.
Head Chef, Alan McGhee at Agave Restaurant, needs to be acknowledged for such a delectable meal.
His wide range of experience, which includes leading chef teams on charter ships and Pacific Island resorts, plus working at a UK based Michelin star restaurant, has been clearly shown in the menu and what was presented to us.

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