Tane’s efforts recognised



Waiuku’s Tane Dawson isn’t like most 11 year olds. While majority try their best to bunk here or there for a day off school, Tane managed to convince his teacher to allow him a whole week off to volunteer at the Finn Hold Cup 2015.

The regatta was held at the Takapuna Boat Club at the end of November, and was the second qualifying regatta for the Rio Olympics in 2016.
Sailors from all around the world attended the event. This was only the second the time the event has been held in New Zealand.
A keen sailor himself and belonging to the Waiuku Yacht Club, Tane was eager to get involved as much as he could during the week. “I was able to watch my Koro sail, and got to drive the rescue boat and help people launch. It was so much fun,” says Tane. Proud Koro, Alan Dawson, said he was amazed at how involved Tane was with the event.
“Anything he was asked to do, he gave it more than 100 percent. At the end of the week, I had people coming up to me and asking if they could buy him,” laughs Alan.
Tane’s willingness to help didn’t go un-noticed. Ralph Roberts, on behalf of the Takapuna Boating Club, felt Tane needed to be recognized for his efforts. Tane was presented with several T-shirts, badges and a certificate for being an outstanding volunteer by Peter Montgomery, the voice of New Zealand yachting.
Koro Alan said that this isn’t the first time the young sailor can be found volunteering his time. “Tane is always helping out or ready to lend a hand. It’s is something that you don’t see much of in children these days. He is a regular at the Waiuku Golf Club as well, ready to help when needed.”

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