Surf Life Saving response

I write with interest regarding your article attached, as someone who is at the beach regularly on patrol I see and witness a number of issues that concern me greatly.
The placement of some large rocks will inconvenience a number of law abiding citizens no doubt. However there have been a number of occasion in past seasons when the surf club blocked off the access with cones to provide at least some form of safe zone on the beach for the public, with not even a whisper of discontent.
Which makes me wonder if the people who are upset by the rocks appearing are only upset at council and nothing more.
There are any number of policies and procedures, bylaws and common law that is being ignored on the beach. I have written in the past and had reported that it will only be a matter of time when someone is killed in a motor vehicle accident. Muriwai has borne witness to this type of tragedy already this season. The surf club each year have to respond to vehicle accidents sometimes kilometres from the surf club to individuals who have been thrown from their motorbikes, some of the injuries life threatening, some just very lucky.
The problem all law abiding beach goers are faced with is the risk that is posed from others who think that their pastime has precedence over everything else. As a guard we are frustrated by cars, 4×4’s, and motorbikes constantly hooning the beach on most occasions at dangerous speed. It is these people who make it difficult for the rest of us and force council and others to take action.
If people were to abide by speed restrictions and have courtesy for other beach goers the world would be a wonderful place, unfortunately they don’t and I am all for preventing a tragedy from happening.
Jim Coe, President
Surf Life Saving Kariaotahi Inc.

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