Student presents case to Hunua MP



When Waiuku College student Michael Lawrie read stories about the plight of Cambodian men forced to work on Thai fishing vessels in Indonesian waters, he felt he had to do something about it. Despite it being 9630km from Waiuku to Bangkok, Michael found he could get an immediate message to the New Zealand Government about conditions for the Cambodians, by creating a petition and presenting it to Hunua MP Andrew Bayly.
In his petition, Michael says many of the fishermen are beaten, starved and held as prisoners to fish for the Thai fishing industry. He adds that almost 60% of the fishermen have witnessed another crew member murdered and the body dumped at sea. Michael asks that the New Zealand Government approach their Thai counterparts to express their concern, and ask that the workers are protected and their rights upheld.
Hunua MP Andrew Bayly attended Waiuku College’s Year 10 assembly last Friday and accepted Michael’s petition, explaining the process in which it would be presented as a Bill and read out at one of the sittings of Parliament in the near future. He congratulated Michael on his initiative.
Above: Hunua MP Andrew Bayly, Michael Lawrie, and Waiuku College principal Tom Vanderlaan.

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