Solar power technology returns savings for homeowners



Homeowners with solar power installations can now take advantage of new technology which is helping to deliver significant energy cost savings that are becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Solar power diversion units are the latest advances arriving in New Zealand and are now able to make better use of the solar energy generated at a home, maximising it for use throughout the day.
Industry commentator Malabou Director, Robert Peter, said New Zealand has tended to lag behind many other countries in adopting domestic solar power generation.
“Some of the newest systems arriving from overseas are now taking solar energy to a whole new level, and pointing the way to a future of energy generation and supply that is vastly different to what is currently available.
“One of our SolarImmersion units connected to a residential solar installation has the potential to utilise up to100 per cent of the free electricity generated at a property.
The smart units manage solar power efficiently by diverting any surplus power not being immediately used to a range of devices in the home such as water cylinders and heaters.”
Robert said the reason why this development is so important is that historically one of the biggest drawbacks to the economics of solar installations has been that most of the power is generated during the middle of the day when household demand is usually at its lowest. “As a result, approximately 30-50 per cent of free solar generated power has generally been sold by a homeowner to the grid at approximately 7c/kWh, only to be later bought back by that same homeowner at approximately 28c/kWh during peak demand periods.” “Most of New Zealand gets in excess of 2000 sunshine hours per year making it ideally placed to help lead the way in a consumer-led shift to clean energy.
“Not only is it now more affordable, it’s good for the environment and the figures stack up.”

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