Sinking feeling about Botanic Reserve



There seems to be some confusion surrounding a sink hole and the fencing off of the Tamakae Reserve.

The Post approached Auckland Council, asking if there was a sink hole or tomo as they are known, in the Tamakae Reserve that the community needed to be aware of.

Council confirmed that there was a sink hole in the area, but not in Tamakae Reserve as was suggested by a member of the public. While they wouldn’t elaborate further, Agnes McCormack, the council’s Head of Operational Maintenance and Management, said:

“The council is aware of a sinkhole in the Waiuku Botanical Reserve. We have asked our maintenance contractors to investigate the site.”

With regards to the fencing surrounding Tamakae Reserve, Council confirmed that the reasons behind the it being fenced off is due to the an upgrade around the wharf.

“The council is upgrading the historic section of Tamakae Wharf. Improvements involve renewal of the shoreline protection walls, which will be capped with a timber boardwalk along with pathways linking to the car park,” said Agnes McCormack.

“The contractor has taken control of the site and recently fenced it off, and scheduled works will begin in two weeks. They are expected to be finished by November 2017.”

The Tamakae Reserve Wharf Upgrade project proposes to add both new and redesigned existing features in order to re-engage the public with the Tamakae Reserve and to repair the existing retaining walls which are in poor condition.

Access into the wharf’s car park has also been closed for the upgrade.


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