Shedding New Light And A New Home Years Later



The Post recently caught up with Archie Hiscock, a long-time and now retired farmer, who will celebrate his 100th birthday in December this year.

Although now residing at the Glenbrook Rest Home, Archie still has fond memories of his farm, recalling that the last time he milked cows was around the 1980’s. However, with recent developments at the Waiuku Museum, the town and visitors will now be able get a visual glimpse of these memories and the history that thrives alongside them.

In 1910, Archie’s father bought a farm on Red Hill, Aka Aka. Archie
bought the adjourning property in 1963, and on this property was a milking shed that was built in 1916. This milking shed was donated to the Waiuku Museum four months ago, and has since been set up in the new agricultural barn. With the barn only recently having been completed,
the milking shed is a fantastic addition and will go well alongside
the other exhibits contained inside, including a mock up of a blacksmith
and a shearing shed, and a collection of old carts.

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