Serious crash, Collingwood Road, Waiuku

Police are in attendance at a crash that occurred at approximately 2.10pm on Collingwood Road, Waiuku.

Two vehicles are involved and one person has received critical injuries and another person is in a serious condition, both have been taken to Middlemore hospital.

Diversions are in place at the intersection of Kitchener and Collingwood and Cornwall and Collingwood Roads.

Traffic is heavy in the area and police recommend avoiding the area if possible.

The Serious Crash Unit is investigating.


One response to “Serious crash, Collingwood Road, Waiuku”

  1. Sonja Carlile says:

    I was driving along Collingwood Road about 1.45pm and it was pouring with rain and the traffic was heavy, and the motorists were driving like lunetics, I saw only one other car with their lights on, they were speeding
    as usual and overtaking when they shouldn’t around blind corners. The visibility was bad. I came home and told my husband that the cars were all speeding , had no lights on and driving recklessly. I’m not surprised there was an accident. Collingwood Road needs Policing. The cars are speeding well over 100kl daily in a 50kl area.

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