Sep: Why the siren sounded…



2nd 04.51 am Colbeck Rd MVA stood down
3 rd 17.43 pm Queen St PFA Investigation only
6th 06.55 am Park Rd Transformer on fire
8th 13.07 pm Modello Lane medical
9th 12.56 am Kitchener Rd PFA Investigation only
15th 03.30 am Kitchener Rd PFA Investigation only
17th 13.22 pm John St Back up Patumahoe
18th 21.37 pm Cemetery Rd MVA
19th 10.48 am Kitchener Rd Rescue Stood down
20th 02.57 am Ripple Grove Medical
23rd 08.41 am Maioro rd MVA extraction of a patient
23rd 12.39 pm Maioro rd Wash down Road
25th 23.48 pm King St Malicious alarm
26th 10.32 am Pukeiti Lane Vegetation
27th 00.02 am Craig Rd Medical
28th 09.51 .am Belgium St Smell of gas
28th 11.49 am Stonehurst Ave Smoke in the vicinity
30th 09.34 am Gleeson Rd Control Burn

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