School error causes stress for students

It’s a time of nervous excitement generally followed by the joy of finding out you’ve been accepted into further study. But for many year 13 students at Pukekohe High School, they were disappointed to be told they had failed level three, due to credits not being uploaded on time.
Results from several of the resubmitted assignments had not been uploaded to the NZQA website, which shares students results with the tertiary facilities for further study. The website showed that many of the students had failed their NCEA level three or University Entrance requirements, resulting them being declined from University when in fact they have been.
Students last week were frustrated that their future plans have been “derailed”, and want an apology from the school.
One year 13 student contacted the university she wanted to study at. “I’ve been lucky enough that my university is holding my spot,”she said. “They’ve given me a time limit to have it sorted. Sadly for some of my friends, they have been turned away or declined from Uni because of it.”
But the mishap has gone beyond a university placement, also affecting those who will be staying in halls of residence.
The Ministry of Education were contacted but said the issue was under New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)’s responsibility.
The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) said they have contacted the school who reported they are currently looking into the situation.
“NZQA will support the school in updating any results so they will become immediately available for any affected students,” a spokesperson said.
Students are encouraged to contact their selected universities, and check their results on the NZQA website for changes.
“It’s frustrating because it’s our future,” another student said.
“The school has said the internal cut off date was 1 December, but most of the students had the assignments done before that,” one student said.
At the time of print, Pukekohe High School had not responded to requests for comment, but some students had since had their results uploaded.
To pass NCEA level three, students need 60 credits at level three or above, and 20 credits from level two or above. To get University Entrance, students need 14 credits in each of three approved subjects, and 10 credits in both literacy and numeracy.

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