Scams continue in Franklin

Last week the Post Newspaper ran a snippet warning the community to be vigilant about scams.

It seems these scammers are still targeting this area with telephone scammers phoning households claiming computers are not safe. They then ask for credit card details to pay for the work they will do on your computer.

Police advise people to ignore the calls and not to give any information out over the phone.

Sergeant Graeme Wood of Waiuku Police said last week, “Don’t give out any personal information. If you hand over bank details, once the money has gone off shore, we can’t get it back.”

Scammers are also targeting people via email, sending attachments that are likely to have viruses. Another scam is calling mobile phones, appearing to be a number from Canada.

It’s a timely reminder to check in with friends and family and encourage them not to give any details over the phone or via email, no matter how convincing the scammers may be.

You can report scams on NetSafe’s website

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