Scammers target the elderly

It has been said that December is one of the busiest months of the year, with everyone becoming immersed with Christmas shopping and finishing up the end of the year on a high.

It is also a time where people need be vigilant within their community, especially if they have elderly neighbours, as they tend to be an easy target for fraudsters.
Recently there was an incident on Victoria Avenue, Waiuku, where a resident was approached by a male who offered to wash her windows. Payment was then demanded, and a neighbour came to the resident’s aid after sensing something was wrong. The Police were called and the male drove off.
Sergeant Graeme Wood has a very clear message to those who are considering offers of labour that is at a better rate than what conventional businesses offer. “If it is too good to be true, it usually is. Research the business and look for its credentials, ask for references, and be vigilant when it comes to requests for payment up-front.”
From painting, fencing, to completing driveways, Woody says that the community needs to be aware of people arriving unannounced on their properties and offering their services.
“These people are targeting our older members of the community. If they turn up unannounced and will not leave, please contact the Police straight away. Take down the registration and do not let them into your home.”
Woody suggests that if work is needed around your home, look into local businesses first.
“We have many local companies who will not only be able to offer a professional and quality service, but have great reputations and credentials to match.”

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