Saving the world one orange at a time

It’s an idea that’s stormed social media, and united the community, and all because of a food shelf.
The Waiuku Sharing Box in Rossiter Ave, Waiuku was put into action by local Kimi Johnson. Kimi said she’s always thought it would be a cool idea, but finally decided to put it into action just a few weeks ago. Since she let the community know, people have come through to the ‘rural Countdown’ to give food, and take some away.
“We built it and put it out there, and it went nuts. Everyone was into it.”
Kimi grew up in the neighbourhood, and now she’s raising her own kids there. “It’s been a great way to meet so many new and generous people. It’s cool for my kids to see that,” she said.
Kimi said the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and said others can do the same thing. “It’s so easy. Everyone could quite easily do it. I may have started it, but it’s everyone else who keeps it going,” she said. “Something so small can be so effective. It blows my mind.”
From fresh fruit and vegetables, to canned goods, and even preservatives like homemade jams and sauces, there are a number of edible goods that are given and taken. “My husband tells the kids, ‘Mum’s on a mission to save the world, one orange at a time.’ All I want is for my kids to see is that you don’t have to have a lot to give– it’s like the saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” Kimi said.

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