Satellite Town vs Paerata Rise

It seems that there has been confusion over a discussion for a satellite town in Paerata, and the original development of Paerata Rise.
Paerata Rise (originally called Welsey New Town) is a development that began last year. With work expected to take over 15 to 20 years, Paerata Rise aims to have approximately 4500 houses, and state that they will be ‘built on the firm foundations of the Wesley College Trust and Grafton Downs’ commitment to community ethics and modern innovation.’
The confusion began recently when Infrastructure New Zealand released a discussion document, identifying Paerata as the best location in Auckland to support a new city of 100,000 residents on cheap, undeveloped land.
According to Stephen Selwood CEO of Infrastructure New Zealand, the city could potentially extend northwest to Karaka and across the Pahurehure Inlet to Weymouth. It was also said that by 2050, the new city could have tens of thousands of homes serving a population of 500,000 people within 30 minutes of central Auckland.
This information is available on Infrastructure New Zealand’s website, and clearly states it is a discussion document that has been released by the organisation.

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