S for Smart goals- Megan Vanlieshout

Megan Vanlieshout – Soul Nourishment
Having Goals helps us to keep moving forward. They give us something to strive for, a sense of satisfaction as we progress towards them and then a feeling of achievement when we actually reach them.
Goals aren’t something you set and just arrive at.
The main key to achieving your goals is MOTIVATION. You truly have to want them, it’s that desire to achieve them that drives you towards them.
S – Specific
What exactly do you want to accomplish?
Why do I want this goal?
M – Measurable
How will I know if I’m progressing towards it?
What the actions be to get to this goal?
A – Attainable
Do I have or can I get the resources I need to attain this goal?
Is the goal I’ve chosen reasonable, how will I bring down the steps?
R – Relevant
Is this a worthwhile goal for me now?
I am in a space that I can commit to the goal or do I need to research first?
T – Timeline
What is the deadline for achieving this goal?
What can I do today to get this started?
Staying focused, committed and interested in your goal is important.
Check in regularly to see that your strategy plan is working and that you are taking the appropriate steps required to get there.
Be Clear about what DRIVES you and what SABOTAGES you. It’s these two important factors that can be the difference of achieving your goal or giving up on your goal.
Goals need roadmaps—plan your route well!
Next month we look at
Old ways, don’t open new doors.
Sometimes we need to look at life from a different perspective.

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