Rural Crime Prevention Advice

According to the Pukekohe Police, over the last several months, it has been noticed that the Franklin rural area have experienced an increase in rural burglaries, which includes offending in this area.

Offenders have burgled residential dwellings, but more recently, garages sheds and out buildings are being specifically targeted in the rural locations.

Popular commodities targeted by offenders include chainsaws, mowers, nail guns, power tools, leaf blowers and small generators. One of the best ways to prevent yourself becoming a victim of a burglary is to complete a number of steps to deter offenders. These include the following: If you have gates giving access to your property, ensure they are closed at all times and locked if possible. Lock your doors and windows when not at home, and also at night. Ensure your garage, sheds and out buildings are kept locked. Place signage on your gates or fence (ie. Beware of Dogs, CCTV in operation.) Lock your vehicles and keep the keys in a hidden place in the house. Consider investing in an alarm, sensor lights and CCTV. Register your serial numbers on the SNAP website: which includes a photograph. Don’t forget your outside tools and equipment.

In recent months they have also had a number of firearms stolen during rural burglaries. As a responsible Firearms Licence holder, please ensure your guns are secured safely at all times and stored separate from the ammunition and bolts. Lastly, please do not hesitate to call 111 if you see a vehicle or persons acting suspiciously in your area.

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