Rocked by Council?



Two massive rocks have been placed on Karioitahi Beach to restrict access on the Southern side. ‘Why?’ ask beach goers.

Council have closed the popular Southern access point and now want motorists to drive further along the car park and use a poorly sign posted entrance that no one can see.
As a result of this change, people are now ignoring the rules altogether and driving through the safe zone, which should be car free.
The Post witnessed three cars who went to use the Southern access to instead turn around and drive through the ‘safe zone’.
Every now and then council does something that seems to leave the community in complete dismay and wondering what they were thinking.
A frustrated and angry ratepayer suggested that council should stop spending the communities money on questionable projects. The real problem here is communication, or the lack of it.
The Post spoke to a number of beach-goers who were outraged by the decision made to block the access.
Has this affected you, what are your thoughts? Do you have an opinion you want to share?

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