Roadworks causing drivers to see red…



One wonders who does the planning for road works? Thursday last week saw the heavy machinery roll in and start carving up Manukau Road  – a day before the long weekend.

Wall to wall orange cones seem to  have appeared out of nowhere and front end loaders have begun to hack away at the pedestrian crossing  on Manukau Road, which, at the best of times, was pretty dangerous to use as a safe crossing. There appears to be many supervisors on the site, all matching the cones,  watching while only two guys work the machinery. Judging by that, try to calculate the cost per hour for the diggers, while all the supervisors ‘supervise’.

Wherever you drive in Franklin, or in the surrounding districts for that matter, it seems to be the season of the orange cone. It is no wonder people are seeing red.

Certain projects like the Takanini upgrade are taking a long time to complete and it has also been almost a year since Fulton Hogan began the waste water project in Buckland. Just last week, one frustrated driver complained that it took seventeen minutes to get from Buckland to Pukekohe. One appreciates the fact that upgrades and maintenance needs to be done, but where are the planners, the people who are supposed to take some cognizance of the fact that we still need to travel along these roads safely?

While most roads remain open during the time of construction, there are normally slower speed limits in place. Please drive carefully and spare a thought for the road workers safety and your fellow road users. Share your thoughts – email:




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