Response to Tim Gregory’s article, published November, 10



Have your SayI agree with a lot of what you say. My question is, were the local businesses and community given any promo opportunities?
I do not recall seeing any notice of a public PR meeting as has been held in Pukekohe in past years. It may be a huge disappointment for the Pukekohe Business Community…… they may have had no opportunities on offer from ATEED, as ATEED’s agenda is Auckland, – Jaffa Ville.
Pukekohe was rarely mentioned, only the track, ATEED’s prom was Auckland, Auckland, Auckland…………
It seems this year that ATEED have pushed the A…A…..AUCKLAND to the disadvantage of Pukekohe. No build-up, no flags, no parade/s, no community wind-up, Ra-Ra etc. etc. in Pukekohe. Apart from a few cones and signs, no-one would no that the V8’s were in Pukekohe.
To be fair, the event was all pretty seamless from an operational perspective, but it seems the local community spirit and interest was virtually ignored.
I emailed the V8 Supercar reception on 4th November and up to today, have had no further response.
Roger Hall, Pukekohe

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