Resignation after two decades as Principal

After 22 years at the helm, Ian McKinnon has announced that he is resigning as Principal from Pukekohe High School.
The decision hasn’t been made lightly, but he feels it is time for someone else to take on the role.
“Pukekohe High School is approaching their 100 year celebrations and there has only been a handful of headmasters. They have always stayed long term, and now, I can understand why.”
His reign has spanned across two decades, which has seen many changes within the school, and the community.
“The growth in retail and infrastructure is reflected in our school. We are now a big, bright and colourful community. Our students are more worldly. We have an entirely different ethnicity make up, and the atmosphere this has created in the school is fantastic.”
From the development in technology, to roll growth and the vast range of opportunities available to the students, Mr McKinnon is proud to have been a part of it all.
“Fortunately, we had a building programme established ahead of the school growth. For a time there, our school was like a construction site, as we developed more classrooms.”
Education has always been Mr McKinnon’s passion. It was during his last year at high school that he realised he wanted to be in the teaching profession.
While he won’t miss the 5am starts, Mr McKinnon said that it doesn’t feel like he has spent 22 years in the role.
“It has been busy, but a good busy. I am certainly going to miss the dynamic life of this school. Where to next? I am not sure, I haven’t quite decided yet.”
One thing he is certain about is that Franklin is a special community where parents and caregivers are incredibly supportive of their children.
“There are a wealth of opportunities available here at Pukekohe High School, and students take advantage of this because of their parents’ support and encouragement.
“Our staff are also key to our organisation. It is partnerships like these that make education work.”
Mr McKinnon will stand down as Principal in July 2018.
CAPTION: Ian McKinnon has announced that he is resigning as Principal from Pukekohe High School after 22 years in the role.

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