Residential rates impact on households

Council have said these figures are an estimate only.
Of the approximately 454,000 residential properties in Auckland, the council estimates approximately two per cent, or around 9,000 residences, will receive an increase of more than $1000.
Approximately 22.5 per cent of Aucklanders will get a rates decrease, 68 per cent will get an increase under $500 and 7.5 per cent will get an increase of between $500 to $1000 (based on rates data as at 1 May 2015).
Auckland Council offers a number of options for residential ratepayers who may be facing higher rates bills, as a result of recent revaluations.
Ratepayers can spread payments over the year by weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.
Central government has a rates rebate available up to $610, for those people whose rates are high in relation to their income. Contact council if you need assistance.

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