Remember These?

Some of the businesses advertising on July 17, 1964 should bring back memories.

L G Sullings, men’s and boy’s wear – sincerity and good value.
Buttimore and Millington, timber yard, hardware, wallpaper, paint and glass.
Adams Bros Service Station, open seven days a week.

Waiuku Music Centre, TV sales, service, installation.

Stevens and Jenkins Ltd, TV, 50 models to choose from.

Knight and Dickey Ltd, bulkspreading of lime and super phosphates.
Duthies Ltd, jerseys and rainwear at sensible prices. Doherty’s
Four Square Store, Crest mixed vegetables 1 shilling a tin.

A Binns, for those pump spares.

Thickpenny’s, pianos, radios and radiograms, courtesy and satisfaction is our aim.

Hutchinson and Knight, Hillman Imp, order now for early delivery. Standard, £739.

Mervyn Hardie, Glenbrook, bulk spreading specialists.
Williams and Parmenter, for footwear of distinction.
Waiuku Pharmacy, prop. W. Dunn. For all those winter ailments.

J F Martin Plumbing Ltd, drain digging and excavation.
Peter Mercer, high workmanship and low prices.
Erikson Bros, chainsaws, safety transformers.

Waiuku Electrical Services, expert repairs promptly executed.

Roy Summerville, land, the best permanent investment.

Furniture House,

Bernina, thread jamming a thing of the past.

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