Pukekohe Volunteer Brigade Weekly Summary

111 hang up reports of house fire—false alarm
Smell of burning- meter box on fire inside the house—out on arrival
  • 29/9 – Scrub fire
  • 01/ 10 MVA (motor vehicle accident)—Car vs. car, Medical call—cardiac arrest
  • 02/10 – fire cal—alarm sounding (false alarm)
  • 03/10 – MVA—Paerata Road, MVA—Dazely Road
  • 04/10 – Fire call pfa—false alarm, Fire call house fire
  • 05/10 – Medical call—cardiac arrest
This week’s fire safety message: 
BBQ season is fast approaching it’s time to think fire smart. Check all your gas fittings are tight.  You can use soapy water to check for leaks. Have a fire extinguisher at the ready for those unexpected flare ups.

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