Pukekohe pedestrians a focus for Franklin

Pukekohe’s pedestrian safety and troublesome intersections have been brought to the attention of the Franklin Local Board, and Auckland Transport.

One resident said that the brick paved crossings in King Street, Pukekohe are confusing to both pedestrians and motorists. Signs were placed on the roadside last year and advise pedestrians that motorists have the right of way, yet there is still confusion.

Andy Baker, deputy chair of the Franklin Local Board said the issue of pedestrian crossings in King Street has been discussed, investigated and looked at numerous times.
“Unfortunately, the brick areas were put in place as design features by Franklin District Council and created the unintended consequence of becoming informal crossing points,” he said. “I would like to think that as the town continues to grow we will look at how we can make the town centre more pedestrian focussed and we will be looking at ways to ensure the town centre revitalisation committee can continue to come together to look at how we can continue to evolve.”

Concerns have also been raised about the Stadium Drive/ East Street intersection, for both pedestrians and motorists. The ‘dog leg’ intersection is a weave of lanes, signage, and confusing exception of road rules.

Andy Baker said, “Auckland Transport are going to be undertaking an options investigation regarding improving the combined intersections of Massey / King/ Manukau / Stadium and Stadium / East Street. This is in acknowledgment that the current set up is not appropriate,” he said. He added a short-term fix wouldn’t happen as it would not solve the problem, but add more confusion.
Franklin ward councillor and deputy mayor Bill Cashmore said that he and the local board are well aware of the trouble spot.

“Work was undertaken by AT last year on this issue and now that the interchange work has been completed, these intersections are very much the focus.”

Do you think more needs to be done to ensure pedestrians safety? What are your solutions for the Stadium Drive/ East Street intersection? Email: yana@thepost.nz

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