Pukekohe lights up over Manukau Road bus interchange



Auckland Transport set to put traffic lights on Manukau if thier preferred option is adopted.

At the Pukekohe meeting held to discuss the Custom St and Manukau Road Intersection, Auckland Transport revealed that they would recommend traffic lights as their preferred option. This proved to be very unpopular with a number of people attending voicing a very strong opinion against it.
Andy Baker, Chair of the Local Board welcomed the idea if it would bring greater safety for pedestrians and would be within budget allowed. Ian McDougall was extremly vocal against the idea citing that AT had no vision and that it was critical to rethink the whole plan.
Katie Hackett, Franklin Youth Advisory Board member welcomed the idea.

UntitledAndy Baker, Franklin Local Board Chair

There were some good robust discussions with different points of view on the options put forward. There was support for the option to put traffic signals on the intersection from some parts of the community who welcomed the benefits of a punctual and regular bus service connecting with train and much needed safety improvements for pedestrians. Others questioned the focus on public transport, they felt that a roundabout would be better to improve traffic flow and enable pedestrians to cross Manukau Road.
Auckland Transport took on board the feedback and is currently assessing the way forward before deciding on a final solution.
What do you think? We welcome your thoughts and feedback on the issues.

UntitledIan McDougall – Pukekohe Ratepayers Association

The presentation by Auckland Transport should have all citizens concerned; it was a short term patch up to a long term problem.
The brief given to them appeared to be just get the buses in and out of the transport hub and not to worry about any costs to others using the roads. No repercussion for any other intersections was taken into account, it was a presentation only on one intersection, Custom, Harris, Manukau, The transport Hub is an important part of making it better for all commuters, bus road or rail, but we do need and want a plan which has vision and foresight.
It’s time for our Local Board to lead the way.





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