Pukekohe Bike Pump track survey is out

Some of the gear up for grabs for filling out a survey.

Clinton Williams, the driving force and creative mind behind a bike pump track in Pukekohe is encouraging people to get involved by filling out a survey.

With surveys for children, youth and adults, Clinton hopes to get an idea of what people want in the form of a bike pump track. While the idea is still in the beginning stages, it is hoped that with plenty of feedback, it can be fast tracked through the Franklin Local Board.
The surveys have been out for a few weeks, and so far there have been many returned, but Clinton hopes that more of the community will get involved and share their thoughts.
As an incentive, there are ten bicycle helmets to give away to children who fill out the children’s survey, and three helmets and six pairs of gloves kindly donated by Evo Cycles Pukekohe.
Responses will be gathered up at the end of the school holidays. Links to the surveys are below;
This the link to the youth/adult bicycle Pump track survey
There is also a children’s survey for intermediate and primary school children. These surveys have been put out through Franklin schools and some Facebook groups.
This is the link to the children’s bicycle Pump track survey

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