Public-private partnership unlocks Drury’s housing potential

Watercare is pleased to announce an important agreement with Auranga, a new residential and mixed-use development in Drury West – to build water and wastewater infrastructure that will enable the delivery of up to 20,000 homes in the Drury Karaka area.

Initiated by Auranga, the agreement will see the two entities work with others to fund and create a series of water and wastewater projects, including a new wastewater network, which will initially provide capacity for 6500 homes then up to 20,000 homes as the area grows.

Around $16 million of pipes and other infrastructure is expected to be delivered in the first phase largely funded by Auranga, while significantly more investment is anticipated in future.

Watercare CEO Raveen Jaduram says he is delighted to be able to cement this partnership to unlock the region.

“This agreement would not have been possible without the drive of Charles Ma from Auranga who carried out substantial investigations and pre-development planning, and persevered to get all parties around the table to make it happen.”

Charles Ma says the timely implementation of infrastructure is extremely important for the development of the wider Drury area.

“We’re very passionate about the potential of the Drury area as one of the most exciting and attractive places to live in the Auckland region, and that’s why we made the decision several years ago, to invest in wastewater and water infrastructure.

“It’s great that Watercare has seen value in our work, and has made this agreement possible. It very much speaks to the can-do attitude and collaborative approach we’re wanting to take to the delivery of housing outcomes for Auckland,” says Mr Ma.

With the agreement signed by Auranga and Watercare on 8 December, the first works as part of the construction programme will soon be underway.


L-R Charles Ma, Angela Fulljames, Bill Cashmore and Raveen Jaduram

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