Provocative meeting to wake Tuakau business

A provocative meeting has been called for Tuakau business owners to decide what sort of local business network groups are wanted in the township.
One of the organisers of the meeting, to be held from 5.30pm next Thursday (July 23) at the Sugar Plum Cafe, says an email has been sent to local businesses asking them whether they want one good group representing them, or should just everyone “go to sleep and forget the promotion of Tuakau.”
Local businessman Richard Gee says it is frustrating that good speakers come to Tuakau for network meetings such as Terrific Tuakau runs, and only ten to 20 business owners attend. “The majority, over 120, do not bother, and when the AGM of Tuakau Development TDDA attracts similar low numbers out of 120 local business owners, the apathy has to change,” he adds. “When we have major events in town to attract the community several good local businesses, (about 13), support with sponsorship and auction items and product help and promotion, but the rest stay away from events and promotion yet gain from the publicity and sales made in town. “We have exciting developments coming like the new Tuakau Information centre, and Radio Tuakau station, but it can’t be done without support and help from business owners participating and sharing knowledge with each other in a positive business group,” Richard says.“There are in Tuakau, Terrific Tuakau, Tuakau Development [TDDA] Tuakau Lions, Tuakau Rotary, Tuakau Cossie Club, Tuakau Emergency Services Trust, local churches, local facebook groups, the Onewhero Tuakau Community Board, and others that need to get together and work with each other and share knowledge,” he says. “This meeting is designed to be provocative and entice local business owners to attend and help decide what sort of local business network groups are wanted in Tuakau.”

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