Preservation of the prohibition on shop trading on Easter Sunday in Auckland

The preservation of the prohibition on shop trading on Easter Sunday in Auckland has been welcomed by Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillor Daniel Newman.

“Easter Sunday should remain a day of reverence for those who believe in the resurrection, and a day of rest for all.

“I do not believe liberalising shop trading on Easter Sunday, one of the few remaining days where restrictions on trade still apply can make any worthwhile contribution to work-life balance; to the well-being of families, of whanau, of aiga.

“I do not believe the community wins because retailers have more choice beyond the 361 and one-half days available for trade.”

The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 allows councils to adopt a policy to permit shops in all or parts of the Auckland region to open for trade on Easter Sunday.

Auckland Council agreed to retain the status quo and prohibit the liberalisation of shop trading. The vote was agreed by 20 votes to 1.

“Thousands of my constituents are church-going Maori and Pacific people.

“My constituents, many of whom are employed in retail roles, place a strong emphasis on their religious observance and their need for protection from the subtle expectation that Easter Sunday is a day of work.

“Today’s vote will assist thousands of retail and service industry workers to enjoy Sunday as a time for religious observance as well as a day of rest.”

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