Polocrosse tournament excites

To watch a horse traversing a polocrosse ground, is similar to watching a Lord of the Rings battle scene! The thundering hooves, the eerie sound of oxygen being snorted deep into lungs to feed glistening muscles and the mad dedication of the riders.

I attended the recent Polocrosse Club Championships hosted by Counties Polocrosse at Abderry Farm near Glenbrook. It was the first time I had witnessed a polocrosse event, and it was nuts. Absolutely, fantastically, nuts. Imagine two teams of riders, each with three on the field, hooning straight for each other, while whacking sticks and trying to catch a ball in a basket, all at one time. Horses reared. Riders fell. Goals were scored. The crowd roared.
Teams of riders and horses battled it out for the Club Champion’s trophy, but on the day, Te Mata were the victors after taking down Counties in the final round. If you love the thrill of demolition derby at speedway, or you simply appreciate the power of horse and rider, be sure to head along to the NZ Sponsors Tournament at Abderry Farm on the weekend of 10 and 11 March and grab yourself a strong dose of excitement!

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