Police Report By Sergeant Graeme Wood, Waiuku Police

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, happy and safe holiday of the Christmas New Year period. Over the same period some amongst us chose to spend their time breaking into other people’s houses and stealing their valuable possessions.
Last week Waiuku Police and the Tactical Crime Unit executed a Search Warrant at a local address and recovered a large quantity of stolen property. A 25 year old male was arrested, charged with a number of burglaries from around the Franklin area and has been remanded in custody. The Tactical Crime Unit has recovered a lot of stolen property recently and the team are busy identifying who the owners are. Once again, we ask if you could all record any serial numbers or mark valuable items so they are easily identifiable if you do ever have a burglary. This will help us get them back to you. Remember to ring 111 to report any suspicious person or vehicles day or night.
This week we heard about a mail scam that was sent to a local resident. You guessed it; they were winners and had to contact a number to claim their prize. Luckily these people realised that it was a scam and bailed out of it. These sort of scams usually end up saying to claim your prize you need to deposit some money into an off shore account or provide access to your bank account to them. Ask yourself – do you need to pay money for winning a prize or give access to your bank accounts to someone you don’t know? As you will go from being a winner to a financial loser pretty quickly.
If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Majority of the time, you have to have a ticket in the raffle to win something. The Internal Affairs website has details of the latest scams that are going around, but don’t give out your bank details or pay money to anyone to claim a prize. Once the money has gone, and it’s usually off shore, there is not a lot the Police can do for you.
Beware these scams appear to be from professional companies so check them out before you do anything you will regret.
Be safe. Cheers Woody

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