Police Report By Sergeant Graeme Wood, Waiuku Police

Well it is entering the busy time of the year, there will be lots of people out and about getting into the festive season.
Which means people will be consuming more alcohol than usual and more homes unattended either with going away or out visiting.
Be vigilant for suspicious cars or persons.
People are busy, they will forget to lock cars or houses, leave valuables in cars etc. This provides easy picking for the thieves and burglars out there, so they will just saunter around looking for the easy opportunities.
As I say if you have to look at a person or vehicle a couple of times and think to yourself I wonder what they are up to you should be giving the Police a call.
Be careful or some burgling thief may be doing their Christmas shopping at your house.
It is getting near that time of the year when we are all looking ahead to our Christmas holidays.
One thing we should be doing is planning for the safety and security of our homes while we are away.
Remember when you go away make sure that you lock and secure your homes, lock or put away any items outside that a burglar could use as a tool to break into your house such garden tools etc. If you have a burglar alarm ensure that you use it.
If you can have someone, friends, family, neighbours visit your house to check on it.
They could even open and close curtains, turn some lights on at night, park a car in your driveway every now and then just to create the impression someone is home.
Cancel any papers and have someone collect mail and clear your letterbox.
Make sure you leave contacts details for you should something happen so you can contacted.
From the December 1 through to the January 31, Police have a Safer Summer Campaign to ensure the roads are safe for you.
There is a threshold of four kilometres an hour on the speed limit, which Police will be strictly enforcing, and will have no tolerance for those flouting the law.
This will be accompanied by a continued focus on drink driving, restraints and other unsafe behaviour.
Be safe.
Cheers Woody

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