Police Report— 28 November 2017

It is that time of the year when many of us will be attending work Christmas functions. What is important, is that we have a good time and that you get home safely.
A lot of employers may organise transport for you either to, or from, the function. It is important if this has not been done, that you arrange beforehand how you are going to get home.
Make use of courtesy vans that are provided, or arrange a sober driver (family or friends) to pick you up to get you safely home.
Don’t run the risk of thinking it will be okay and drive home after having a few drinks. Around Christmas time Police will have more officers out and about on the roads, doing traffic check points to ensure the roads are safe for everyone to use.
Plan early how you are getting home, because if the Police are the ones that are dropping you at home at the end of the night, something has gone wrong.
Also, alcohol flows more freely at this time of the year. When indulging keep an eye on your friends and family. We all know when someone has had too much, so stop them drinking, look after them make and sure they’re okay.
As we all know alcohol lowers our inhibitions and we do things we don’t normally do. Too often, we see Mr or Ms Angry Drunk, Mouthy Drunk or Punchy Drunk, which leads to problems for everyone. So look after your mates when you’re having a few drinks.
Have a good time and be safe.

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