Police Patch – 7 November 2017

Two weeks ago, police staff had to deal with a number of people who had been smoking synthetic cannabis. These people had lost all control of their senses, and had no knowledge of what was going on around them.

One of the group ended up in hospital because of his self inflicted stupidity. I wonder how much this cost the taxpayer? For several of the other parties, there have been drastic repercussions for their family situation.

Consuming synthetic cannabis comes with great risks. You are buying a substance that is chemically based—who knows what those chemicals are or what effect they are going to have. In case you don’t know, a number of people have died from smoking this rubbish, and let’s not to forget the drain on Police time and resources, and our health system.

We are still hearing of people getting phone calls from ‘technicians’ claiming to be ringing about a problem with your computer. They are nothing but scam artists. They just want access to your computer so that they can source your details and computer contents to rip you off. We have even had them ring the station about our supposed computer problem—they were given the short shift by one of the staff. Ask yourself this; if there was a problem with your computer, wouldn’t you be ringing someone about it not the other way around?

If you are speaking with someone on the phone and you’re not sure about them, or don’t know them, do not give out personal details of any sort. It will end up hurting you in the pocket.

Cheers, Woody

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