Police Patch – 14 November 2017

You may have heard, or seen, reports about the recent high number of road fatalities around the country.

One thing we can all do locally that will make it safer for yourselves, and other road users, is to slow down.

The speed limit is set for a reason. For example, around town it is 50km. There is a lot of traffic and people about, and if you need to stop in a hurry, you want to be able to do that. The faster you are going increases the distance needed to stop. Speed also increases the risk of injury and death from any resulting accident.

When you’re driving, things can happen very quickly in front of you. The speed you are travelling at when it does go bad can determine the end result. Sometimes, I believe the attitude of some is that you are ‘unlucky’ if you get caught speeding. Well, you’re not unlucky, you are actually breaking the law.

When you’re stopped for speeding, it’s up to you whether you learn from it or not. Either way, if you don’t slow down it will hurt you financially, or worse, in physical terms if you have an accident.

It is not just our job to make the roads safe for everyone. You as a driver are also responsible for that by sticking to the speed limit.

Most Police don’t like doing too much paper work, but we will do it to slow you down. Slow down, so everyone can have a safe journey.

Cheers, Woody

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