Police Patch 10 October 2017

This week we got another indication that Auckland is getting closer. Like it or not, we are part Auckland. You will have noticed a lot more new people in the area and on the Glenbrook Road in the morning or afternoon. It is a steady flow of traffic heading in or out of town. So as the sprawl of the greater Auckland area spreads, we get both the good and the bad of that in our area. Last week it was the discovery of a large commercial clan lab in the area.

This week local staff were on patrol when they noticed a suspicious vehicle in the township, on checking the registration number it was found it to be a stolen vehicle. They attempted to stop the vehicle however the vehicle failed to stop for police and lead police from Waiuku to Meadowbank in Auckland before it stopped. Four occupants were rounded up. They were aged from 11 to 15 years old. The car was stolen from Glen Innes and the youths were all from east Auckland and Manukau. I have no doubt that had they not been spotted by Police their intention would have been to commit badness in Waiuku that night.

One of our local business dairies, bottle store or service station would have been the subject of an Aggravated Robbery. We have since spoken to some of our commercial premises about their safety and what to do if a robbery does occur. Blitz style robberies, where a number of people storm a premises usually with weapons, is becoming all too common all over Auckland. We need to be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles around town.

If you see something suspicious call 111, it could prevent something serious from happening. Cheers Woody

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