Police Patch 03 October 2017

Last week a specialist Police team executed a drugs search warrant with the assistance of the Armed Offenders Squad, at an address on the Awhitu Peninsula.

A commercial style drug manufacturing lab was located along with a large quantity of manufactured drugs.

Three persons are now before the courts on Supplying and Manufacturing charges. That this type of activity is going on in residential properties, is of concern. The people who do these sort of thing don’t really follow Health and Safety legislation, so the risk of fires or explosions, is a real risk.

If you have rental properties that you manage, or you look after yourself, you need to be diligent on regular inspections. It’s no good thinking they’re a bit dodgy but they pay the rent. It’s your property. Do those inspections or make sure your property management firm is doing what you pay them to do. It can be a very costly mistake if you, or they, don’t.

This also highlights reporting suspicious behaviour in your area to the Police. We don’t mind you calling and advising about some strange things going on at an address.  It can mean a lot when we look at what other information we already have.

Drugs, especially methamphetamine, is an absolute blight on the community. It destroys people and families. If you know something about meth being manufactured, or where and who is selling it, you should report it.

You will get the community you tolerate, so don’t let this go on. You can report this information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

  Cheers, Woody

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