Pioneer Wooden Toys are on the move



What started as a business inside a garage, Pioneer Wooden Toys has since grown into its new premises, located at units G and H, 22 Constable Rd, Waiuku.

Originally kick-started and transformed by Murray Neales 35 years ago, Bryan Millar was recently given the option to purchase the popular business, an opportunity which he jumped at.
“Murray saw the potential that it had and helped to take it to where it is today. I just happened to stumble across that the business was for sale and thought that this opportunity may not happen again. I had the choice to either keep working for a corporate company or someone else, or work for myself and live the dream.”
The Waiuku resident has always had a passion for woodwork, and could not resist buying the business.
Pioneer Wooden Toys has a great reputation for manufacturing top quality heirlooms, a statement that Bryan is extyremely proud of.
“Not only that, but I use recycled materials. Rimu, kauri, pine, we are always on the lookout for timber that we can use to make our toys. So not only are they durable and affordable, but sustainable as well.”
From dolls’ clothes lines to sandpit diggers, Bryan’s favourite type of work is customising toys, and says that creating them is incredibly fun.
“I have a seven year old daughter and have just finished building her fairyland furniture which she just loves. Wood makes such worthwhile gifts that last a lifetime. “Seeing the looks on people’s faces when they come to collect their items is always a joy.”
The unique business is also established on social media, with photos of the latest creations being uploaded regularly.
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