Pet-proofing your Christmas tree



Christmas is no doubt an exciting time for every member of the family. Up goes your freshly cut pride and joy: a tree placed at precisely the right angle so that guests can admire your decorative skills on entering your home.

By Billie Douglas

Pets love Christmas trees as much as we do. Unfortunately, they tend to view your aesthetic creation more as something for immediate mass destruction.
And no wonder. With the enticing sparkle of the lights, the hypnotic swinging of the baubles, the agonising rustle-rustle of the tinsel against the branches; it’s like a pet’s version of a giant carnival.
There are, thankfully, a number of things you can do to pet proof your tree this Christmas:
1. Place the tree near somewhere you can anchor it (a wall for example) and secure it with a fishing line and an eyebolt.
2. Wrap decorations tightly around the tree to make them seem less enticing; no dangling tinsel ends or cords.
3. Put a bitter anti-chew cream on the ends of branches, tinsel and tree light wires.
Untitled4. If all else fails, simply give your pet something better to do. Don’t neglect them for want of frantically wrapping presents or stuffing a turkey; make sure you play with them for at least 15 minutes a day.
Pets need your support at this difficult time. It’s your job to help them defeat their personal struggle with resisting the temptation of the big colourful tree.



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