Patumahoe Fire Report January 2018

  • 05/01 Tree down across road0
  • 5/01 Tree down across road
  • 05/01 Powerpole on fire
  • 06/01 Medical assist
  • 10/01 Rubbish fire (called in as community hall on fire).
  • 23/01 Shed fire
  • 24/01 Security alarm activation
  • 27/01 Medical assist

24 degrees. Not too hot, right?
But do you know how hot that is inside a car after 10 minutes? After 30 minutes?
After just 10 minutes, the temperature inside your car has risen to 34 degrees. After 30 minutes, it’s at 40 degrees.
Every summer, Fire Brigades across the country respond to numerous callouts for dogs that have been left in cars while their owners go shopping. Dogs that are in severe distress sometimes don’t make it.
‘Cracking’ the windows open or parking in the shade isn’t enough to reduce the heat inside a car and, as dogs can’t regulate their body temperature by sweating like we do, the consequences can be devastating.
So, if you’re thinking about taking your dog for a ride in the car, and you know you’re going to be stopping somewhere that you’ll need to leave them in the car (even if you’re just popping into a shop for 5 minutes), please leave them at home.

It’s hot! We’re still in a restricted fire season and the combination of high temperatures with forecast gale force winds puts us in a risky situation. Check out the link on Fire and Emergency NZ’s Facebook page on how to protect your home from outdoor fires and remember, if you need us call 111 and we’ll be there as soon as we can.

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