Our heads, buried in sugar



When are we going to take our heads out of the sand and accept responsiblility for making our kids fat?

With the holiday season approaching, maybe it is time to think about what I am doing to my family, the ones I love, by making poor food choices. This is tough and hard to reflect on but when is it ever a good time?
If your kids are fat and overweight like me, you are to blame and need to accept full responsibility for it. This is hard to publicly accept but all I need to do is ask myself, who does the shopping? Who pays for the energy drinks, junk food and the lollies? I am to blame. My money is making my kids sick.
My teenage son it seems has a love affair with Mountain Dew which my hard earned dollars have cultivated over many years.
I often get a call asking if I would stop at the shop on my way home because you can get five 1.5 litre Mountain Dew for only $5 and he would like that with two mega Vs 600ml which is only two for $5 with a big bag of M&Ms and he would like me to pay for that with his pocket money I will be giving him next week.
He remarks, you know I love you don’t you dad, so please do that for me. I will clean my room, maybe even wash the car. At least he is reading the mailer that came in the letter box. How else would he know about all the specials.
Writing this I am ashamed to admit that on a number of occasions I have done just that. What was I thinking?
clearly I wasn’t. I have buckled under the pressure on so many occasions, stopping at fast food outlets on my way home after having bought lollies and everything else requested.
I make multiple excuses for my bad choices; lack of education, too busy, not wanting screaming kids or unhappy ones. By 9pm I am pulling my hair out after all the junk food, sugars and lollies start sending brain spikes to all three of my teenagers who seem to have turned into gremlins. This cycle continues week after week. Each time I vow never to do that again but I do. I need to say no. I need to take charge and accept responsibility and make better choices for my whole family. I need to love them and not make them fat.

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