Op Shop treated as dumping ground



While summer is a great time to clean out the house and garage, the volunteers at St Andrews Opportunity Shop in Waiuku are having a hard time sorting through the rubbish that is dumped at their facilities.
While the team are so grateful of the donations that they receive, there are certain people that are ruining it for others by dumping off junk that should put straight in the bin.
“We do receive wonderful and quality things from our community, but people are treating us more like a dumping ground. Dirty clothes, broken appliances, contributing to items that we spend a lot of time sorting,” says volunteer, Rosalie.
“We ask not to have items left after hours and our signage reflects this. However, there are continual sacks and boxes of rubbish that is left outside our doors regularly.”
By leaving items after hours, donations are at the risk of pilfering. In some cases, items not only end up weather damaged, but have been strewn across the car park.Untitled
The ladies all volunteer their time at the store, with funds raised through the sale of items going to charity, with special donations made to local organisations within the community.
“It is frustrating and we would just like to ask the community to please, sort through your items and be considerate when donating goods, as we just can’t be treated like a dump anymore.”


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