Onewhero Fire Siren retires

The siren at the Onewhero Fire Station has been silent recently, but not because there have been no call outs. The siren, an eighty year old piece of machinery, has finally given up.

Graham Davies, from the Onewhero Fire Station, says the siren was apparently an old air raid siren from Ardmore Air Field and was given to the brigade around 1987.

“Jock Anderson dragged an old air siren pole to the station from his paddock in his old land-rover. The fire siren was then attached to it. ”

Residents need not to be concerned if there is an emergency. The brigade will be called on the paging system. Graham said “apparently the old siren is well past its use by date and not worth fixing. Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) will supply a new siren when available and Counties Power have offered to put it in place at no charge.

“In the mean time we’re responding to calls through our personal pagers. This is quite normal practice except you do need to have the pager at hand all the time.”

The brigade of 31 members have responded to nineteen call outs this year. Nine of them were fires and ten were medical incidents. In total they’ve responded 1385 times since 1985. In that first year the siren sounded only five times, whereas now the fire trucks have been to 955 emergencies and the co-responder vehicle has been out 430 times.

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