Onewhero Area School’s ‘Can’ do attitude

Onewhero Area School took part in the Watties Cans for Good intiative, from the 13 to the 24 August, to donate canned food to their local Salvation Army to help those in need. This is the second year Onewhero Area School has done this and students have been well involved.
Briar Gray, food technology teacher, said “it’s good to be involved in a charity like this. It helps students look inward and at the bigger picture and they become more community involved. The senior students that helped organise the collection of the cans said “it’s really good to get together and help those in need as a group. It helps us to know what’s going on in our community and get together and work as a team to help them.” The school had collected approximately 155 cans when I visited on Thursday 23 August, and were expecting to have about 200 once finished.
“I keep reminding kids that the help we give helps people in the Franklin community as all cans collected go to the local Salvation Army,” said Briar. “It also links in well with the topic of food nutrition, as they touch on food security so it’s a good link with what they’re learning about!” Last year 229 schools took part nationwide and 92,000 cans were collected, with Watties donating on top of that.
Briar said “sometimes when you’re in your own little bubble you’re not as aware of things, but there are lots of struggling families. I was made aware just the other week of some homeless people in Pukekohe so it’s nice to think we’re supporting them. Often we think that sort of thing doesn’t happen in our area so it becomes a bit more personal and helps build connections with locals and the Salvation Army.”
Photo by Jess: Senior students from Onewhero Area School who helped organise the collection of the cans. Back: Cushla Carey, Brooke Paton and Ella Ashley. Front: Briar Gray (teacher), Emily Hayman and Vicki Smith.

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