On ya bike for Canteen

Students at Pukekohe High School jumped on an exer-cycle bike last week as one of the events of Canteen Week.

On Friday 29 September, the students were joined by Police and local businesses who were also participating.  The school hall was pumping with lights and sounds as the students dressed in their house colours and rode for one hour slots.

While wheels were turning, there were a range of competitions for other students from dance competitions, to onion eating races.  Prefect and Blake House leader Sally Rickard said it was an awesome day with heaps of fun, and lots of participation. “There were 60 bikes, and we were riding all day.”

The bike bash was the final of several events, following head shaving, tug of war competitions and a mufti day. The students aimed to raise $6000 for Canteen, with several raising $500 or more themselves.

Students from Pukekohe High School joined forces with local businesses to raise money for CanTeen on Friday 29 September. The bike bash was the last event of a week of fundraising activities for the charity.

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Sunday, October 1, 2017


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