I consider myself to be pretty open minded. But a recent experience caused me to question just how open minded I should be.

Having drawn the short straw, it was my job to traipse through the supermarket aisles, replenishing the endless amount of food my kids seem to devour these days. They’re only nine and eleven. I hate to think what they’re going to cost me when they become teenagers!

After stashing a few final sneaky treats into the trolley, I headed for the checkout.

Curious (nosey) by nature, my gaze roamed around other shoppers and their trollies.

Then I saw it. An average looking guy, who could have been a Dad, wearing a sweatshirt with F**K written in bold letters on the front.

I looked around. There were lovely old ladies, Mums and Dads, and children throughout the store.

Everyone’s entitled to live their life their way, and to wear what they want. But was it really necessary to wear something like that? To put that kind of word in front of other people? In front of children?

Kids aren’t allowed to say those sorts of words at school. There’s a reason for that. It’s offensive.

So at what point does my being offended, and my concern for others being offended, outdo someone else’s right to do and wear, whatever they want?


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