Offal blights river

Adding to the influx of illegal rubbish dumping, last week a couple of sheep carcasses were dumped in the Waikato River on Murray Road, Pukekawa at the Tuakau Bridge end of the road, about 30 metres from Highway 22.
Waikato Regional Council said they are aware of the carcasses. “They were reported to us via Waikato District Council, who received the information via their Facebook,” a spokesperson said. “It was sent to us as it was initially reported that it was in the river. However, the carcasses were on the side of the river, not in it, so the issue is being dealt with by the District Council.”
The spokesperson said they have no information as to when they were dumped. “We have no information that links it to any other dumping or carcasses or offal in the region. We also have no information to suggest the carcasses were stolen. If there is information to support that, it should be reported to police.”
If illegal dumping is in water then call the 365-day cover Waikato Regional Council number, 0800 800 401. If the dumping is on land then immediately contact Waikato District Council on 0800492 452. What are your thoughts? Email

Photo supplied: Sheep carcasses dumped in the Waikato River off Murray Road, Pukekawa.

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