No more fuel dockets from Countdown

Progressive Enterprises will no longer be offering discount dockets for fuel at Gull stations.
The decision, made by the operating company of Countdown stores, has announced it is cancelling all discount dockets in the second week of October 2016.
 Gull’s Chief Operating Officer, Ulrik Olsen, says the move will not get in the way of Gull continuing to be the industry leader in delivering value.

“While we’re disappointed by Progressive’s decision, we’re committed to continuing to provide the best value fuel to Kiwi motorists.”

“We’ve reached a stage where the sheer volume of discount and loyalty programmes has almost become overwhelming, and people are starting to get tired of faffing around with a multitude of dockets and different cards,” said Mr Olsen.
“At Gull, it’s already easy to turn up and get the best price without the need for a coupon. We are exploring our options at the moment to make this even easier and with better rewards. We want to make sure getting great value fuel is as straight-forward as possible for the customer.”
Customers will still be able to redeem Countdown Fuel Dockets at Gull up until the expiry date printed on the voucher.

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